Westside Hotel, Laverton VIC

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Westside Hotel, Laverton VIC

The Westside Hotel is a hotel located in Laverton, Victoria. They have a bar and great food and drink options. They also have a great dine-in restaurant - you may be able to download their menu on their website.
They have an average rating of 3.9 out of 1342 reviews, with the latest ratings ranging from 1 to 5.
Well of.y9ure.looking.for a pub feed from the 90s. Good no further. I couldn't recommend this place enough. One of the best pub feeds I've had that I can remember and I've spilt some cold drinks on my feet before around different places of Australia. I'd look those place up every time I'm local. Well done to the team working on Thursday Afternoon.
Leakes Rd & Fitzgerald Rd, Laverton VIC 3026
This venue is currently open

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Monday: 10:00 AM - 04:00 AM
Tuesday: 10:00 AM - 04:00 AM
Wednesday: 10:00 AM - 04:00 AM
Thursday: 10:00 AM - 04:00 AM
Friday: 10:00 AM - 04:00 AM
Saturday: 10:00 AM - 04:00 AM
Sunday: 10:00 AM - 04:00 AM
This venue is currently open

Opening hours

Monday: 10:00 AM - 04:00 AM
Tuesday: 10:00 AM - 04:00 AM
Wednesday: 10:00 AM - 04:00 AM
Thursday: 10:00 AM - 04:00 AM
Friday: 10:00 AM - 04:00 AM
Saturday: 10:00 AM - 04:00 AM
Sunday: 10:00 AM - 04:00 AM

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Latest reviews for Westside Hotel, Laverton VIC

Waiter went and spoke to his friends while my meal was in his hands so who knows how much spit or anything else covered it, took over 30 minutes to get to me aswell. Very slow and poor service.
Went there with my friends. Order took 40mins and funny part is salad took one hour. They don't offer take away containers too. So really not for thm who want to have a quick bite and get back to work
Steven Ryding
Lovely comfortable motel we stayed for 2 days and they even upgraded us to the family room because we drove a long way and our 17yo grandson was with us a free complimentary drink each and discount on our food only downfall was free drink was beer and soft drinks I was willing to pay the extra and get a Jack's and one of the hotel staff very abruptly said no
Joseph Ancona
It was a nice restaurant and a good atmosphere. Food was well cooked. Only problem was steak knives weren't provided. Other than that it was a good experience.
Taryn Hedges
Came here for lunch on grand final day, delicious Parma and Steak sandwich. Staff are so lovely, they discovered it was my birthday and bought me out a beautiful piece of cake. ??
charlie kasi
Great atmosphere. Service from the bar lady was atrocious. She looked half asleep and mumbled when she spoke to us. She didn't seem like she wanted to serve us, let alone be at work.
Mary Panui
Was recommended to visit the Westside Hotel for a steak meal.
$25 per 200g choice of mash and veg or chips and salad.

The chef really let the meal down.
Ordered a medium rare rump steak with mash and veg.

Steak was more than medium rare cooked. Was only a small portion of the centre which was rare.
Mash was KFC style mash (very flat on plate and about two spoons full.
2 large piece of cauliflower couple beans and a couple of sliced carrots.

Nothing to write home about.

My sister however, ordered the same but with chips, eggs and salad.
Medium rare as well.

Steak cooked well done.
She politely asked the manager to take a look and he offered her a fresh plate with the correct order and a free drink.

Second plate came out and again, well cooked!
The manager took it back again and was not happy with the kitchen at all.

He offered his apologies but in the end she took a refund and we left.

We were there for at least an hour.
She had juice to tie her over until we got home and just had a sandwich instead.
But, thanks to the manager for being understanding and showing compassion.

Nice chill place for a drink or two but to dine... I know I won't be going back to eat again and same with my sister ??'?
Suvarna Lee
This pub is squeaky clean and large for social gatherings with a huge variety of parmas available for the picking if that's what you like. The staff are amazing and will really make you comfortable while you dine in. Standout being Vicki whose service is impeccable. Food is delicious and chips are hot and crispy. Bigger variety of cake selection too. Love it and recommend it.
Aindrila Banerjee
Very unhelpful reception. I was not a guest and approached the hotel to use bathroom for emergency and I was denied. I understand that there are some rule but the bathroom door was open right in front of me and there is a basic human courtesy that people extend. Unfortunately the value was missing. Humble request please help people.
Surakshya Bhandari Poudel
Great food, very accomodating staff and rooms were clean and we got what we expected.
Julie Wiffen
We had a very nice meal here. Would definitely go again.
Byron Weeks
It's a nice pub to watch the footy, have lunch and a few beers. They have 2 areas for smokers and plenty of light. Pokies and an area to throw darts or sink the 8 ball.
The staff are friendly, food tastes great and never too long on the wait.
Belinda Knight
Excellent location easy access to the fwy to the city.
Only 15 mins drive.
The rooms are only 3 star, they are basic yet have what you need just don't expect anything special.
No mints on the pillows..
Amy Farrell
Had the Lobster Mornay it was hot, very delicious and very tasty. Kids meals were a steal at $5. Service was impeccable thanks to Kelly. Can't wait to come back and visit again soon.
Best pub food in the west! Service is super quick and the food here is incredible. I wasn't expecting much because it's right next to the freeway in a non-residential area, but I was very pleasantly surprised. It's not too loud at lunch, it's very clean, staff are friendly, and their only flaw is the salad dressing. Other than that, it's great. Will come back!
J Spiteri
Lovely lunch had an Italian chicken Parma with salad and chips and the meal was delicious and the chicken was so tender and juicy and the portions was so large I could not finish it. The bar and waiting staff where very friendly helpful and informative. The dining room was very clean and room was spacious.I do recommend the Westside Hotel to everyone.
Chloe Parsons
I had Christmas Lunch here and unfortunately the food was not the greatest. The vegetables on offer were barely cooked and and cold. The meat was just as bad. My poor mum was very disappointed. For a buffet there was not much variety at all.
When the desserts finally came out I was once again disappointed of what was offered. I actually didn't get to have any dessert as when I arrived at the 1 serving table all that was left was mini fruit cake and cheese and crackers... some of my family managed to get some dessert however left most of it on the plate as it just wasn't enjoyable.
Half of my Christmas lunch was spent waiting in line for terrible food. I really think the organisation could have been improved.
The whole experience was a let down for everyone on my table and from the whispers around the venue we were not the only ones that were disappointed.
Elisha Parsons
Thank you to all that worked today, much appreciated. Merry Christmas.
I was really disappointed in the food. Vegetables were not cooked, the meat was dry. The wasn't much variety in vegetables (no peas and corn) or meat. (Could have had a cold ham, chicken) Desert wasn't any better, the mousse was room temperature, and not much variety. For $90 it wasn't worth it I wouldn't go back.
Also the lay out wasn't well planned out people in and around tables, it was very crowded.
Csaba BŁki
Good place but it needs a good clean! We sat outside and our foot glued to the floor it was so sticky. But the price is good and the bar girls were nice and friendly.
Jay Martin
Well of.y9ure.looking.for a pub feed from the 90s. Good no further.
I couldn't recommend this place enough. One of the best pub feeds I've had that I can remember and I've spilt some cold drinks on my feet before around different places of Australia. I'd look those place up every time I'm local.
Well done to the team working on Thursday Afternoon.
Aidan Thomas
This was actually the first pub I ever had a beer in, many moons ago haha. If I lived here could make this my local. Came here a few times, most recently for dinner and that mega parma for $20 is a real good deal for the size. Love the covered smokers area with barrels as well
Daniel Grant
2nd time I gave this $hi+h0I3 a go and still questioning why I did!?!
Food is terrible. Lunch special wouldn't satisfy a 3yo child. So I tried the normal menu and they couldn't even get a pie right. ?
It was microwaved at best, probably been there since the day prior. Wouldn't even stop there for a leak.
Ash Bertus
What a joke, booked a room to stay and when we turned up we got told we had already checked in, Which we had NOT and then we realised my card had been charged already even before turning up and they had put someone else in that room we had booked, and did not even check the ID correctly but when it seemed like they had to fix it all up seemed like it was a burden on them.
But I will say 1 good thing he fixed it up for us and gave us a free dinner for the huge mistake they made.

I think next time they will double check and make sure the booking confirmation ect
Kerri Osullivan
Not at all what it used to be :(

First impression was stepping over rubbish at front step.
I think their broom has been broken for a while :(

Went for lunch.
Luke warm soup with dry toast.
Asked for butter could only supply margarine. I thought all kitchens would have butter??!

Had to use electronic table order but had to go up to counter and ask for what the soup and roast of the day were.
Back up again chasing drinks order.
Staff very pleasant but only one lady looking after restaurant service.

Coffee good so there's a plus.
And background music pleasant.
In no hurry to return.
Aj Maher
Our Dinner was delicious and very decently priced for a party of 5. 5 stars to the chef who made our dinner so enjoyable.
The table service wasn't a great experience at all. You need to scan a bar code on the table to order via your mobile phone. This must be a smart phone and not an older phone.
This was my Fathers birthday and this menu option is hard for some seniors.
Our child had finished his dinner before ours were served and mine was served after our table had finished. That did t feel very celebratory at all.
The waitress failed to give our child his ice cream desert, first giving it to the wrong table and doing so again after we alerted them.
A frustrating experience with an amazing chef.
No cash- be prepared to have your bank card charged.
Luke Athens
Stay here during a quick stop over, I was surprised to see it actually clean as it wS, expecting worse though was decent enough for the night. Great option to grab a meal there aswell, the food was good, had a steak and really enjoyed it. Well priced and plenty of parking out front and out back.
Glen Hassell
Westside isn't the best side of town.. to be fair, it's way out West. There's not anything else in this area, is it possible to be the ONLY or be one very gem so rare. Should you find yourself ever so lucky, to be in this place, it's not the worst mistake possible to get a meal or drinks here.. there's even a few rooms if you're interested in taking a break.. calling ahead, can save on the price!
Fay Forde
Young girl taking our order had no knowledge about specials on board when you enter. We ordered Roast of the Day and it was awful. The beef was clearly frozen and defrosted, the "roast" potatoes also defrosted and microwaved. My hubby who loves broccoli couldn't eat it because it was so tasteless. We used to come regularly and I was thinking of having my next birthday party here next year.... No way is that happening now!! I'm so sorry to leave such negative feedback, the lady who actually served us the food and the guy behind the bar were great on a positive spin. But we won't be back.
Grant Jacob Richey
Westside is exactly what it needs to be.Beers cold. Plenty of space. Staff are lovely.
Clare Verdins
Good range of pokies which are open from midday til 8am which is much later than other venues in the local area. Also the security staff are very welcoming & engage in a pleasant chat & bit of a laugh if youre there when its quiet, helping make it a comfortable environment in the early hours of the morning, making for a nice change to most security personnel at other places where they can be quite intimidating & bring down the mood
Queen Sarah Chanski
I went here late (2-3) so, bearing that in mind, it was ok. Being so late, there was no restaurant/cafe service, it was only pokies. There were glasses & a jug of water on the counter if people wanted a drink, but that was it - literally. Not even a snack machine to get snacks from. But, they did have a decently sized lounge for gaming, so there wasn't the feeling that I'm going to be the sketchy looking dude in the corners next victim cos he just saw me win $580, and many differing titles to choose from. Warm atmosphere, I'm going to try them at a time while the restaurant or cafe are open next time
Aidan Hitchcock
We often come here to have dinner with the family, and it's always good. Nice pub food and good service.
Nick Owens
Nice clean room.Only reason I didn't give it 5 starts was there were multiple police and ambulance when I arrived due to an overdose in one of the rooms. Pub next door does great food and highly rate the desserts etton mess and black forest cake were probably the best deserts I've had in a long time worth braving the junkies to get in on that again.
William Clarke
Their scotch fillet is mouth watering and spaghetti meatballs are full of flavour.In a word!Yummy!Customer service was awesome as well, which, considering the hammering our hospitality industry has taken in the last 12 months.It's a wonder we have this service available at all!Such a pity that the bistro was only 10% occupied because it deserves so much more.
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