Yanco Hotel, Yanco NSW

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Yanco Hotel, Yanco NSW

The Yanco Hotel is a hotel located in Yanco, New South Wales.
They have an average rating of 4.5 out of 92 reviews, with the latest ratings ranging from 1 to 5.
Great place for a meal.

The Yanco Hotel does not appear to have any published opening hours.
1 Main Ave, Yanco NSW 2703

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Latest reviews for Yanco Hotel, Yanco NSW

Brad Stanley
You know the best cold beer is served in a cold glass strait from the keg and what goes with the best cold beer is a damn fine meal at a great price, and you know what.... I'm having it right now .....in a clean and comfortable setting in an old pub style.
John Clark
Great place for a meal.
chrissie ga
Stickie Fingers played and it was a fine way to pass the afternoon. One thing though it was a bit cold, heaters weren't on enuff to heat the area.
Belinda Petrie
Absolute mouth watering meals at a reasonable price. Great atmosphere!
Block Rocker
Great little country town Pub friendly staff. Nice food. I recommend this little pub for a feed and a drink.
Stef Mitchell
Good prices, great staff, lovely Mother's Day lunch had with family.
Edward Guy
Only dropped in for a beer and bet but the bar person was pleasant, the beer cold and good, amenities and bar very clean and smelt good. Looked recently renovated. Didn't try the food bet it looked pretty good. Negative half a point for no volume on Sky.
Paul Condon
Fantastic meal s Beer nice and cold. Best pub around. Fantastic place
Jody Simons
Great food friendly staff fast service
Wanda Bush
Very nice food get what you pay.for staff are really good and the friendly
Holly Holly
Rudest staff I've ever met. Would not recommend.
The lady that served us was incredibly rude and pulled sassy faces!
Rachael White
Great food, cold drinks!
Bruce Watts
I read the reviews that indicated good food, good quantity and good service, well 1 out of 3 is not good. I ordered grilled chicken breast with creamy prawn sauce chips and salad. Lets deal with the chicken when you grill chicken which is only about 8 mil thick at its thickest point and the edges are burnt you would have a fair idea that the chicken breast is as dry as a mother in laws kiss, and it was, it was terrible It was so dry and the 3 little prawns could not save it. I don't like to criticise but honestly $22 for this disgraceful meal was woeful. Sorry I feel no stars is a bonus for what I was dished up but I cannot post without at least one star. So I will give a star for the cheese and garlic bread that was okay.
Theresa Rowlson
There were four of us - two with Coeliac Disease, one vegan and one diabetic - a catering nightmare!
But the chef was extremely helpful and met each of our needs beautifully. We all had choices of meals and they were cooked exactly was we asked. Even the fact that we didn't get there until just after 8pm wasn't an issue.
Other staff were also very friendly and helpful and we were told there's a bus that could have picked us up from Leeton if we'd wanted!
And to top it all off the food and drinks were very reasonably priced.
Thank you Yanco Hotel for a very enjoyable evening.
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