How to Find the Best Pubs Near Me

How to Find the Best Pubs Near Me

Posted 01/04/2024 in General

Planning a night out for a group of people can be exciting because it usually means there is a special occasion to celebrate. If you live in a city or suburban area, you will probably be spoilt for choice with a range of pubs, elegant bars and cocktail lounges, vibrant sports pubs, Irish pubs, or the local club with a Friday night meat raffle. The type of place you choose will depend on your taste in both food, entertainment, and the general ambience of the venue. This guide will help you choose the right local pub or venue for your night out.

Explore menu options

Make sure there are menu options that cater for everyone attending

If you plan on having a meal out, one of the main considerations is the menu. Do they serve the type of food you like, and does the menu cater to everyone's taste? If vegans, vegetarians or gluten free eaters are going, you will need to make sure there are menu options for them.

Also, consider the price range of the menu because there's nothing like price-shock to stress the budget-conscious people in your group. If over 60s are going, check to see if there is a seniors' menu for them to choose from.

Ambience of the venue

Consider what might be happening there on the night you plan on going. Although the place may be quiet when you go on Saturday, you may find that there's a head-banging band playing on a Friday which might not be your thing (or it might!). Even though you may be in a different part of the venue, sometimes the music is loud enough to be heard throughout. Consider this when you are booking, as the vibe may be different depending on the day.

Family friendly

A child-friendly venue makes dining out more pleasant for everyone

Children can be bored when going out to dinner when all the adults are doing is sitting around talking, so it can be important to consider how the venue caters for kids. Check whether they have entertainment options such as a play area, or whether they offer colouring sheets and pencils to keep kids occupied. Some venues have a supervised play area with play equipment and even video games so you can relax knowing your kids are safe as well as entertained.

Consider the seating arrangements

If you have a larger group, check with the venue to see how they can accommodate you as far as seating goes. You may find they can only seat tables of 6, so your group might be broken up across the venue. If you discuss your seating preferences with the venue when you book you might be able to negotiate table layout.

Plan for a cakeage fee
Some venues will charge a cakeage fee

If you are looking to take a cake to the venue, check first to see how they can help. Some venues are happy to store your cake and bring it out when you are ready. Once you have gone through the formalities with your cake celebration, they will take the cake away and cut it, then bring it back on plates.

As you can imagine, this could be a time-consuming affair when you have a large group (think cutting, serving, and cleaning up afterwards).

Most venues will charge a 'cakeage fee', which is a small amount per person, to do this for you. Make sure you check how much this fee is so you don't have any bill-shock at the end of the night.

To wrap it up

Generally, these are the main points to consider when finding the best venue for your night out with friends:


  • Make sure menu offerings are right for your group in both cuisine and price
  • Check whether the venue can cater for the size of your group in a way that allows you all to feel part of the same group
  • The ambience of a venue can vary depending on the day or time you visit. Check for details about upcoming events or live music nights
  • If children are attending, make sure there are entertainment options for them
Use online resources to help you choose the perfect venue, or just to find the closest pub and check any reviews they may have to give you an idea of whether the place is right for you


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