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Once a hugely successful gold mining town with a population which may have reached as high as 53,000 prospectors, Maryborough is now a small city with a number of impressive buildings of which the railway station is particularly impressive. It is a city to be savoured and explored. Both Princes Park (one of the best parks outside Melbourne) and the remarkable Railway Station (which led Mark Twain to observe that Maryborough was "a railway station with a town attached") are worthy of close inspection. The surrounding district, with its many reminders of the goldrush era, is ideal for bushwalkers and visitors wanting to enjoy a bush picnic.

Maryborough is located 169 km north-west of Melbourne via the Calder and Pyrenees Highways.

When Mark Twain visited Maryborough in 1895 (he wrote about it in Following the Equator) he described it as "a railway station with a town attached" and noted "Don't you overlook that Maryborough station, if you take an interest in governmental curiosities. Why, you can put the whole population of Maryborough into it, and give them a sofa apiece, and have room for more. You haven't fifteen stations in America that are as big, and you probably haven't five that are half as fine. Why, it's perfectly elegant. And the clock! Everybody will show you the clock. There isn't a station in Europe that's got such a clock. It doesn't strike - and that's one mercy." The huge and gracious building - built in Queen Anne style - was completed in 1890. It is a vast 25-room red-brick edifice with stucco trimming. Note particularly the ornate clock tower, the Flemish gables, massive portico, marble dressing tables in the women's toilets, wrought-iron work on the veranda, oak wall panels and one of the longest platforms in the country.

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